Know about us

Know about us


Livia Polymer Bottles Pvt. Ltd. is one of India’s leading Companies engaged in the manufacture of high quality PET and PP containers, jars and bottles in various sizes, shapes and colours for numerous applications.  Livia is a one-stop shop for PET and PP  bottles, jars and containers for the numerous packaging needs for numerous applications – be it for commercial or domestic domain.  Manufactured from finest, virgin raw material, these have earned the trust of millions.


500-member strong team consisting of well-trained engineers and very dedicated work-force make this possible.  Excellent infrastructure and professional working environment ensure that Livia Polymer delivers always best products to its customers.  The Company’s quest to maintain a satisfied work-force and healthy working environment ensure that its employees are happy to stay here and grow.



Livia’s automated packing process, hot-sleeve and floral printing equipment are but a few examples of Livia’s efforts for continual improvement and innovation. The world-class Clean Room facility is an added capability that qualifies Livia’s products for a well-deserved application in pharma industry.

Livia takes pride in supplying its bottles and jars, manufactured from a GMP environment, to package medicinal and health-care products of some world-renowned pharma  companies.



Livia owns 4 Wind Turbines generating power to an extent of 4.5 MW, to augment its power resources. These serve approximately 75% of Livia’s captive needs. This serves Livia’s quest to remain steady and ready to serve its customers.  Livia has further installed sufficient diesel power generating equipment of its own, ensuring its capability to serve its customers irrespective of situations.  Livia’s has has crossed its 25 years of wonderful growth and proudly marches ahead.