GrinderJarsLivia’s Quality Policy enunciates “we promise to endeavour diligently for continual improvement and innovation” These grinder jars stand testimony to Livia’s commitment to this philosophy.

When a very renowned customer explained to Livia their need and concept for an export-oriented grind-and-sprinkle jar, Livia successfully translated the concept to reality.


Bottles in PET through ISBM Single Step Process to package Carbonated Soft Drinks is yet another challenge Livia took up in 2013. Livia successfully developed the process. The resultant products are the favourites of one of the very renowned soft drinks manufacturers in this part of the country today.

More soft drinks’ manufacturers are joining the band.  The CSD bottles manufactured by Livia ensure convenience and cost-effectiveness.



Manufacturers of Ghee are constantly on the look out for stylish and novel packaging methods. When we speak of containers for packaging ghee, we consider shifting from glass jar to PET as  a memorable milestone.

Now, Livia takes pride in leading this to  greater heights, by encouraging popular ghee manufacturers to move over to canister jars in PET with easy-open aluminium lids.