Green Company

Green Company

1-LED Lamps

Livia Polymer always endeavour to contribute its share to save the environment, true to the philosophy “People-friendly products; Plant-friendly measures”.

Energy conservation measures, however small it might be, do count in various aspects.  Some of Livia’s efforts in this respect included, but not limited to, installing ISBM machines with energy saving features, LED lighting for interiors and exteriors.


2-WindTurbineGenFor its captive consumption, Livia Polymer owns 4 Wind Turbine Generators, with a total capacity of 4.55 MW.  Experience in the recent past has proved that this is really a boon for an active industry like Livia.

Very careful monitoring of generation and consumption data, organizing timely and speedy remedy to rectify breakdowns and to reduce down-time are truly the factors behind the fruitful and optimum utilization of these Wind Turbine Generators.


3-RainWaterHarvestingComplacency do not find a place in history of Livia. 800 KW Solar Power Farm is one of the Green Initiatives under serious consideration of Livia. It depends a great deal on Government’s policies and power situation.

Water conservation has inevitably become the need of the day.   Well planned rain water harvesting is yet another measure that benefits both the Company and the environment.



R.O. Plant and Sewage Plant in its precincts are to name a few of Livia Polymer’s further support to save environment and natural resources.

That’s why, when we are asked to briefly describe the philosophy we trust in, we say without hesitation :  “PEOPLE-FRIENDLY PRODUCTS; PLANT-FRIENDLY MEASURES”.